Theresa & Dave’s wedding at the Radisson Valley Forge

We spent Saturday with Theresa & Dave.  It was hot, humid, and non-stop fun from beginning to end.  Here are a few of our favorites from their big day….IMG_0891DSC_0919 3 IMG_0905DSC_1020 3DSC_0945 3DSC_0967 3DSC_1131 3IMG_1200DSC_1151 3DSC_1192 3IMG_1292DSC_1258 3IMG_1318DSC_1265 3DSC_1495 3DSC_1676 2DSC_1683 2DSC_1715 3DSC_1745 3DSC_1754 3DSC_1765 2DSC_1805DSC_1835IMG_1490DSC_2107DSC_2134DSC_2480DSC_2491