When Justin pitched the idea to me about doing an engagement session in New York City- I responded “YES!” before even finishing his message.  We spent the day walking around Manhattan taking photos in different areas (Patty always wanted photos in Central Park), and ended up walking 13 miles (probably closer to 15, but I didn’t start my app until about an hour after we started), and my feet are still recovering.  We had some pizza, ice cream, and capped off the day with a few drinks (and more pizza, obviously).  It was such a fun day that we might have to make it a monthly occurrence 😉MGP_2099 MGP_2100 MGP_2106 MGP_2150 MGP_2162 MGP_2193 MGP_2198 MGP_2200 MGP_2213 MGP_2233 MGP_2243 MGP_2248

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