Michelle & Jordan’s Wedding at The Columbia Station in Phoenixville

We spent Friday with Michelle and Jordan at the Columbia Station in Phoenixville.  Nothing about the day was short of perfect.  The weather was incredible for this time of year, the ceremony was beautifully done, and the dancing kept going all night long.  Oh yeah, and Michelle and Jordan are pretty cool 😉  Here’s a few of our favorite shots from their big day, enjoy!columbia station phoenixville dsc_8372img_2169img_2303 dsc_8386 dsc_8530img_2421 columbia station phoenixvilleimg_2437 dsc_8810 dsc_8852 dsc_8878 dsc_8945 dsc_8990 dsc_9073 dsc_9139columbia station phoenixville dsc_9196 dsc_9209 dsc_9260 dsc_9366 columbia station phoenixville dsc_9489img_2800img_2734 dsc_9640img_2736 dsc_9791dsc_9859