There’s so much that I could tell you about Marisa & Tom’s POMME wedding… I could tell you how charismatic and wonderful they photograph together.  I could tell you how beautiful, touching, and warm their ceremony was.  I could spend hours talking about Tom’s nephew giving the absolute best speech I’ve ever heard (I really hope someone recorded that)- I was on the floor wiping the tears from my eyes, hysterically laughing.  I think, though, that the images should tell the story of Saturday.  Here’s a few of our favorite captures:
pomme bridal partyDSC_3766DSC_2990_PBK4184DSC_3107DSC_3213_PBK4092DSC_3257DSC_3268DSC_3287DSC_3295_PBK4118pomme wedding photosDSC_3505pomme wedding photospomme wedding photospomme wedding photospomme wedding photospomme wedding photosDSC_3864 2pomme weddingDSC_3917 2DSC_4014 2DSC_4024 2DSC_4034 2DSC_4123 2DSC_4182 2DSC_4331 2DSC_4587 2DSC_4611 2

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