Leading up to Lindsay & Dave’s wedding, Lindsay and I emailed back and forth regularly, and it got me pretty pumped up for their wedding.  I learned a lot about these two love birds including: even though they both are proud ESU alum, they met by chance at a local Wawa.  I learned that Dave and I both share a dislike for a certain “vegetable”, and that the number 44 has quite a sentimental meaning to them.  But the biggest thing I learned over the past year of getting to know Lindsay & Dave, is that they are incredible people.  In the end, I just hope that the photos can do their wedding justice- because it was simply breathtaking from beginning to end.   PBK_0134PBK_0217MGP_1010MGP_1092MGP_1114PBK_0281MGP_1308MGP_1363PBK_0396PBK_0448_PBK6885MGP_1424MGP_1530_PBK6963MGP_1646MGP_1670 (1)MGP_1785 (1)MGP_2218MGP_1818MGP_2051MGP_2156MGP_2181MGP_2554MGP_2884MGP_2393MGP_2203 (1)MGP_2201MGP_2207

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