Lauren & Darren are the type of people who immediately make you feel welcomed- the type of people who it’s a joy to be around.  People who make our jobs easy.  I’ve gotten a chance to get to know them at all of their friend’s weddings that we have photographed over the past couple of years, so when we arrived on Saturday we were greeted with many friendly faces.  It rained a little bit… actually it started pouring smack in the middle of doing portraits at the park.  Luckily, the sun broke out just as we arrived at the DoubleTree for a few more photos- one of which was featured on Huffington Post!  Here are a few of our favorite photos from Lauren & Darren’s big day…IMG_6682DSC_3697DSC_3675DSC_3738IMG_6748DSC_3942DSC_4245IMG_6910DSC_4258IMG_6973DSC_4350DSC_4368DSC_4502DSC_4758DSC_4796IMG_7148DSC_4780DSC_4837DSC_4841DSC_4986IMG_7292DSC_4989DSC_5033DSC_5339IMG_7422DSC_5162IMG_7593IMG_7618IMG_7749

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