Brenda & Joe’s wedding couldn’t have gone any better.  Besides the rain holding off until the ceremony ended, it had everything you could want in a wedding, including an EPIC father/daughter dance.  Talamore Country Club was on our list of places we’ve wanted to work at for a while- and it didn’t disappoint.  But the real story here is Brenda & Joe.  The way they both looked into each other’s eyes when they first saw each other was absolute pure happiness.  It was actually pretty breathtaking.  MGP_3647MGP_3563IMG_8926MGP_3822MGP_3843MGP_3826MGP_4057MGP_4065MGP_4095MGP_4153MGP_4080MGP_4099MGP_3876 (1)MGP_4245IMG_9217MGP_4298MGP_4304MGP_4316IMG_9337IMG_9382MGP_4523MGP_4657