ICONA Avalon Wedding | Carly and Matt

I have photographed a lot of weddings over the past 13 years.  I have never experienced anything like I did on Thursday, when Carly and Matt tied the knot at ICONA Avalon.  When couples plan for a beach wedding, I’m sure reading their vows while getting pelted with rain and strong winds is’t high up on the wish list.  It wasn’t on Carly and Matt’s, either.  With a 5:30pm ceremony on the beach, and thunderstorm that wasn’t supposed to start until at least 6:15pm, the g0 ahead was made for still doing the ceremony outdoors on the beach.  A few minutes before the wedding was about to start, you could see the sky changing.  It got really dark, really quick.  As Carly’s father walked her down the aisle, you could feel the storm in the air.  Seconds later, a full on monsoon erupted, and everyone-and I actually mean everyone- was completely soaked.  This wasn’t just a drizzle- this was the type of rain that makes you pull over on the side of the highway because you can’t see the road.  At that point, there was no turning back.  Carly and Matt proceeded to read each other their owns vows, exchange rings, and get married in likely the most romantic and unforgettable way I will ever see.  As soon as Carly and Matt were pronounced husband and wife, everyone made a run for it.  Carly and Matt’s wedding is the perfect example of making the absolute best out of the unexpected, and I’m beyond honored I was able to capture it.  I want to give a HUGE shoutout to my second photographer, Allison, for standing there with me, drenched as can be.  #WorthIt. ICONA Avalon cocktail hour space a summer storm rolls through a wedding ceremony at ICONA Avalon romantic first kiss in the rain during wedding ceremony on the beach at ICONA Avalon stormy wedding at ICONA Avalon bride and groom embracing summer storm at ICONA Avalon wedding guests from from the storm at ICONA Avalon dramatic beach photo of bride and groom at ICONA Avalon bride and groom walk along the beach during golden hour at ICONA Avalon sparkler sendoff at ICONA Avalon