On Saturday we found ourselves back at the picturesque Knowlton Mansion, and like always- it doesn’t disappoint.  When I first showed up to the hotel where Erica and her bridesmaids were getting ready, I joked that everything was too calm.  I think they were all a little nervous.  Well all of the nervousness and emotions came out when Erica and Drew saw each other for the first time.  It was a moment I know neither one of them will ever forget, and I’m honored that I was able to document it.  The rest of the day was filled with the same sincere emotion of joy that it made everything we do that much more rewarding.  Oh yeah, and a horse tried eating Erica’s dress…. so that happened.  I also want to give a big thank you to Lindsey for shooting with me.  Here are a few of our favorite memories from Erica & Drew’s Knowlton Mansion wedding…Enjoy!DSC_1625LF1_8149LF1_8207DSC_1807LF1_8245DSC_1862DSC_1909knowlton mansion weddingLF1_8282DSC_2080knowlton mansion weddingknowlton mansion weddingDSC_2388DSC_2424knowlton mansion weddingknowlton mansion weddingDSC_2535knowlton mansion weddingknowlton mansion weddingknowlton mansion weddingDSC_2640LF1_8705bride with horseknowlton mansion weddingknowlton mansion fire pitDSC_2781DSC_3237DSC_3070DSC_3104knowlton mansion weddingknowlton mansion weddingDSC_3187


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