Kristen & Josh

I feel like trying to explain Kristen & Josh’s wedding in words would be doing it an injustice.  Here are some of my favorite images from their day to tell the story.  MGP_5632 MGP_5655 MGP_5671 MGP_5689MDG_8035 MGP_5884 MGP_6011 MGP_6065 swarthmore college wedding MGP_6140 MGP_6350 MGP_6355 MGP_6364 MGP_6386 MGP_6389MGP_6371 MGP_6401 MGP_6405 MGP_6488 MGP_6510 MGP_6524MGP_6519 MGP_6624MGP_6646 MGP_6663 MGP_6749 MGP_6894MGP_6982