Backyard Wedding in West Chester, PA | Rebecca and Andrew

2020 has been absolutely chaotic for weddings.  Couples have scrambled left and right, day after day, week after week, and month after month to plan, replan, plan again, and finalize weddings to make sure they happen somehow.  Even though this year has been upside down, it’s incredible to see so many groups of people- from couples to families to vendors- working together to make weddings happen.  Rebecca and Andrew were supposed to get married in the city, on a Friday, in May.  When the pandemic started, they changed to a Thursday in August.  When it got close to August and it was clear that the Center City Philadelphia wedding would have to wait until 2021, they shifted towards a family member’s backyard.  Even though this is the opposite of what Rebecca and Andrew had originally planned for their vows- I know they are over the moon with how everything came together on Thursday.  Here’s a few to showcase what it was like:


COVID Wedding Partycovid wedding party