Amber & Steve’s Wedding at The Carriage House

Here are a few of my favorite images from Amber & Steve’s dance-filled, teary-eyed, selfie-taking, laughter-filling, one-of-a-kind wedding…. PS: Steve’s really good at the drums 🙂DSC_6421 2IMG_1447 2IMG_1570 2IMG_1576 2 DSC_6600 2 DSC_6647 2 DSC_6706 2 DSC_6830 2 DSC_6841 2 DSC_6847 2Untitled-1 DSC_7261 2IMG_1939 2 DSC_7534 DSC_7549IMG_1982 2IMG_1985 2 DSC_7803 DSC_7823 DSC_7847 DSC_7933 DSC_7979 DSC_7985 DSC_8050 DSC_8168IMG_2433 2 DSC_8206 DSC_8322 DSC_8335 DSC_8458 DSC_8518 DSC_8613IMG_2605 2 DSC_8624 DSC_8737