Philly.  Sixers.  Snowboarding.  Family.  

I was born and raised here in Philadelphia, but I spent some of the greatest years of my life soaking up the sun in San Diego.  No, I can't surf, which I'm a little upset about.  I've tried- and failed- countless times.  When I'm not working, you can find me spending time with my insanely creative wife (we've been married for 9 years now!), my ridiculously cute and energetic kids (ages 2 and 5), and... being heartbroken by the Sixers (Embiid should have been the MVP and you'll never change my mind).  If it were up to me, I'd be snowboarding every day of my life, but alas, I live in Philly and have to settle for "as much as I can" in the winter.  I'm quiet, goofy, and always up for a new adventure (or tattoo).   

I've been a professional photographer for 14 years now, meeting the most incredible people all along the way.  Wedding photography has shown me cultures, celebrations, traditions, and memories I never knew were out there.  It's been the honor of my lifetime to be lucky enough to get to do this for a living.  I LOVE to witness incredible memories, hilarious shenanigans, and anything else you could throw at me.