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Your day shouldn't feel like a never-ending photoshoot.

Most photography websites are filled with endless self-praise. I'm not here to tell you how "awesome" I am, how many awards I've won, or where my work has been published.... I'm just a guy who is lucky enough to photograph people that are actually awesome.


I was born and raised here in Philadelphia (well, Delco if we are being technical). My approach and philosophy with weddings (and photography as a whole) is to tailor my approach towards you. The past 15 years of photographing weddings has taught me many things about myself and the world, but the most important thing that I've learned throughout all of this is that none of what I capture with my camera is about me... it's about you.

I believe your experience should be fun, easy going, and have zero ego. I believe your photographer should listen more than they talk, and should spend more time focusing on what's important to your day than talking about how awesome they are. If the best thing said about me is that my photos are incredible- I have failed.

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wedding party spraying champagne at wedding reception at Paxon Hollow Golf Club in Broomall, Pennsylvania

We are here for you...

If you know anyone who's been a client of mine, you'll probably hear that I am pretty laid back. This comes with experience- the experience to know when to step in and give direction, and the experience to know when to just take a step back and let things unfold.

Every couple is different. Every family dynamic is different. Every wedding is different. This is why I pour my heart into giving each couple an experience that is catered towards their needs. Want to take allllllll the group photos? Cool, I'll be there. Want to take a few of the "must have" photos and spend the rest of the time partying with the closet people in your life? Hell yeah again, sign me up.

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grooms entering wedding reception at crystal tea ballroom in Philadelphia


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